A painting by Klimt Auctioned at Sotheby’s

05 Jun 2015, by The Curator in Art

Gertrud Loew, daughter of a well-known Viennese physician, who treated Klimt, along with the composer Gustav Mahler and the philosopher Ludwig Witgenstein. Dr Anton Loew, commissioned Klimt a portrait of his daughter age 19 in 1920. She is shown as a young girl in a blue-trimmed gauzy dress, which is stylistically coming out of the 19th century, and predates Klimt’s gold period.
As we see in this rich and art sensitive circle, where Jewish were the main participants, Gustav Klimt was one of the most uprising artists. Commissioned by many members of the community, Klimt’s portraiture depicted most of the very best families in Vienna.
All of them, lovers of art and collectionists by heart, greeted all kinds of artists to their circle, creating a vibrant atmosphere where dialogues would take place and great events were celebrated.
This painting remained in the family until Gertrud Loew, widowed after marrying a Hungarian industrialist, Elemer Baruch von Felsovanyi, who left Vienna for the United States in 1939, fleeing Nazi persecution.
This painting has been in private hands for over a century and will be auctioned at Sotheby’ Impressionist and Modern Art Evening Sale in London on June 24.
It is for sale as a result of a settlement between the Felsovanyi family, the heirs of the painting’s subject, and Klimt Foundation. The painting passed into the hands of Gustav Ucicky, a film director and one of Klimt’s sons, who acquired a number of his father’s works. After his death in 1961, the collection was left to his wife, Ursula, who established the Klimt Foundation in 2013.

Source: Klimt’s ‘Portrait of Gertrud Loew’ to Be Auctioned – NYTimes.com