Dejalón Fine Arts, started in Madrid in 1947 where Alejandro García de Jalón Bedox,  native of San Sebastián,  and Ramon Manzanares Molina from, Granada, decided that their love for art could be an advantage to develop artists that had struggled through time to succeed.

And so their adventure begins, in exacerbating the senses, to disseminate new pictorial creations made by artists, which over time has become a lifestyle.



We were established in 1947 in la ZONA ROSA, in Mexico City, under the name of Firenze as one of the most prestigious galleries.


With time, we changed our name to what today is DEJALON Fine Arts, still family owned. We became wholesale providers of works of art for galleries and select clients, through the untiring search for unique artists, with great attributes, talent, and potential, that guaranteed a fine investment in their works given their QUALITY.



def; qual’i ty, n; pl. QUALITIES
A distinctive attribute or characteristic possessed by someone or something.

…. Sorry to interrupt.

A distinctive attribute possessed by YOU, my dear.

We have worked tirelessly in the selection of artwork along with the artists, looking to deliver single exceptional pieces, with the firm conviction of becoming a tool for the development of art and the best equipped to find a piece of art for you, which has allowed us to stay in business for over sixty years.

So yes, after saying this, we are pretty sure that we know what we are talking about when it comes to ART.



In DEJALON Fine Arts, we provide collectors, designers, architects, devolopers, and artists a platform to connect with the global art market that exists today, offering art pieces that will transcend through time.

We serve as a curator of the finest works of art. Our understanding and studies of fine arts have made it possible for us to provide a unique and authentic point of view for the highly fragmented and growing market, which will leave a legacy and will accompany our collectors through time, making the journey of an art investment worthwhile.